Reloading for PS90

Reloading info for the 5.7x28mm

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Reloading for PS90

Post by JPiet » 02 Jan 2020, 10:04

Hi guys, I'm new here, so greetings from frosty Finland...

I rescued a PS90 from stupid legislation-thing recently (they passed new firearms act here that bans SBR's for good...). I run a gunsmith's shop so no problems with licenses.


However, factory ammo seems not to be available in any form in Europe, only way to run this thing is reloading. Got a Hornady die set from Brownells and very limited supply of brass... Couple of things concern me a little though...

1. I'm a bit scared to go for shotgun powders, but it seems rifle powders have their own issues. Vihtavuori is my first choice, so I'm starting with N110 and 36 grain varmint grenades. YouTube has told me about pressure not making any actual marks before catastrophe and the lacquer thing.
2. Started with guesstimate 7 grain load. This is slower powder than most of you guys use, but I'm guessing that those loads are designed for pistol barrel, so my 260 mm barrel should help with that, right?
3. No time yet to hit the range with proper ladder-test, but fired two rounds in my basement. The shoulder travels! Please see pic. Normal or down with the load? From top, 7 grs fired brass, 7,5 grains and formatted.


Any advice on the load? Hoping to find the time to get to the range during weekend.

Janne Pietiläinen

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Re: Reloading for PS90

Post by panzermk2 » 03 Jan 2020, 12:54

Welcome to the forum.

You need to spend some time in our reloading section. It has detailed reloading data including powder selections, charges and projectiles. The loads list have bee vetted by our group including the moderator of that section.
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