FN 2000 and Steyr AUG

Discuss the FN lineup of tactical rifles; the FS2000, SCAR, and the venerable FAL.
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FN 2000 and Steyr AUG

Post by Litehiker » 29 Aug 2013, 09:29

I have owned a Steyr AUG bullpup for 18 years and still think it is the most innovative assault-style semi auto made.

BUT the FN 2000 is, IMHO, the equal of the AUG in many ways, ergonomically and quality wise. All they need is a flip-down forearm handgrip to make it better.

Thank GOD the FN 2000 charging lever does not reciprocate as it does in the SCAR!
And the only reason is does in the SCAR is because the US SOCOM (in their "infinite wisdom") required it and changing it to non-reciprocating for the civilian market must not be worth the trouble.

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Re: FN 2000 and Steyr AUG

Post by tombirdman » 22 Dec 2013, 23:04

Have you looked at the replacement front end for the FS2000?
The TAVOR should now be thrown into your thinking.

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Re: FN 2000 and Steyr AUG

Post by Rapier1772 » 23 Dec 2013, 01:20

An old pic but the FS2K's foregrip can be upgraded:
Vertical grip:

I've shot both, I like both.
However, I have never cleaned a Steyr :laugh: I have no idea how easy/complex it is.
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Re: FN 2000 and Steyr AUG

Post by wellcraft » 06 Feb 2016, 10:38

i owned a AUG and ended up trading it for a galil arm, good trade but i do miss the AUG :-( I love my FS2000 and in my opinion it's every bit as good as the AUG and maybe better since lefties or righties can pickup a FS2000 and start shooting.

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Re: FN 2000 and Steyr AUG

Post by panzermk2 » 07 Feb 2016, 21:14

My issue with the AUG is up until recently is 2 fold.

1) That hasn't changed is the weight of it. Damn heavy.

2) Proprietary magazines. You can now order them though to take AR, but really from the start it should have been set up for AR mags.
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Re: FN 2000 and Steyr AUG

Post by blizzardscout2 » 22 Jun 2016, 12:58

I agree the AUG is heavy, but it is interesting that the FS2000 and the Tavor all weigh the same at about 7.9 lbs. I Wonder if the AUG is perceived to weight more because the weight is distributed somewhat farther forward than the other two.

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