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WTS VHTF Five Seven DAO perfect condition

Posted: 23 Mar 2018, 08:58
by bravo619
rusty tweezers;1390738 wrote:I’ve thought about this and need my funds more than a rare gun. I’ve checked this out with the FNH archives specialist and they said it was born early July 2003 , This weapon has no detractions no marks scratches it’s pristine in condition. I do have a conversation picture where it was confirmed and talked about being a DAO I can provide also it only functions as a double action that kinda confirms everything. The weapon and I are located in Tulsa Oklahoma. the price is $3600 Firm don’t ask for my lowest price plz it’s Super Rare and almost impossible to find nowadays, It’s Cross posted to lots of places and it will sell. Time stamp rules. Payment by Postal Money order only. I don’t like Pukepals stance on the 2nd Amendment, I posted a video of the action of the DAO [video=youtube_share;wg3c8pox3bc][/video]ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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