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EA of the west

Post by rhino323 » 20 Aug 2008, 14:04

Hey guys well it looks like we lost all the info here in EA ammo.
well a couple weeks ago. I got some test ammo .40 s&w from Elite Ammunition West.
I'm not good at giving an explanation but here it goes.
shooting it from a HK p-2000 Cal.40 s&w shoots pretty good has a good snap, no misfires of any kind. all the shell came out. the primer and the bullet set real tight all the way to the bottom or top of the casing. thanks Harlan from EA of the west. :mrgreen:

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Re: EA of the west

Post by ArtosDracon » 23 Aug 2008, 03:12

Harlan said he'd have a list up over in their forum here pretty soon, may want to check in there.

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