Pre Ban lowers for an SBR

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Pre Ban lowers for an SBR

Post by Sniperjoe » 18 Sep 2012, 14:28

So il be moving out to CT in roughly a year or two and I've been thinking about the first NFA firearm (an SBR) I will be getting (now that I will actually be able to own a rifle with over a 5 round capacity).

The problem is, is that CT has its own irritating gun laws (no where near as bad as NYC however)

CT still follows the 94 AWB with ONE LITTLE TWIST, ANY firearm with under a 12 inch barrel is considered a pistol, so in order to get an SBR the way I want it I will need to build it up on a Pre Ban lower...

What I REALLY want to build up is an AKS-74U, however, Im not sure if 5.45 pre ban AK lowers even exist......

So...are there any SBRs you guys can suggest I pick up that I can find a pre ban lower for?

I do not want an AR15 style SBR,

The others I was considering was an HK 53 or Sig 552.

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