When things return to normal, 5.7x28 long gun

Discuss rifles chambered for the 5.7x28mm; P90, PS90, and AR57.
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When things return to normal, 5.7x28 long gun

Post by 748 » 23 Sep 2020, 06:52

I have had my 5.7x28 pistol since 2008.
In the early days I would shoot it, pick up as many of the fired brass as I could find to save them for reloading which I was reloading it by 2010. So yeas of buying ammo when it is cheap and reloading it the pistol has its own ammo hord.
So I want to get a rifle.
I always liked the P90 50 round mag. 50 is just cool. I would like a shorter than 16 inch barrel gun. Tax stamps are irrelevant, though I would prefer a form 1.
Do you think it's worth coughing up the money and waiting on a form 4 for a semi auto P90?
Or get say a 12 inch P90 mag AR upper and put it on an SBR registered lower?
They're still making the P90 mag 57AR uppers right?
My preference is the SBR AR57.
Oh and I would really like if it had a 1/2×28 muzzel.

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Re: When things return to normal, 5.7x28 long gun

Post by panzermk2 » 30 Sep 2020, 10:46

Honestly bang for buck the Banshee can't be beat. Uses same mag as the pistol.

AR15 lego block ability to mod out, even the trigger even though the receiver in the magazine area is smaller so no form of insert is needed.

SBR PS90 is good, but it's an 1988 design, no updates especially with the polymer blend of the stock.
While I/EA make items for teh P90/PS90 what I make can't compare to all the crap on the market for AR15's.
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