Five-seveN mark II cycling issue

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Five-seveN mark II cycling issue

Post by SpecialCircumstances » 22 Jun 2020, 01:16

Just bought a 5-7 a couple of months ago. I've wanted one for years and I finally got over the price tag, and thus far I can say with 100% honesty that it's by far the best handgun experience I have had, overall. The only issue I have had, and it's a relatively minor one, is that it tends to pull the shell out of the casing if I cycle the action to remove the chambered round. This happens maybe one in five times. Usually this isn't an issue because I don't like to chamber a round unless I plan on shooting it but, on two occasions now (someone trying to get into my garden shed, and someone shooting right in front of my house in the middle of the night) I had a round chambered that came apart when I cycled the action to remove it. Both times getting gunpowder all over the magazine well and action, not to mention my bare feet. Like I said, no other problems with it, never experienced a failure to feed or a jam or anything. So, was wondering whether this is a common issue? If so, is it something that gets better after use (I have put less than a thousand through mine, all said and done)?

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Re: Five-seveN mark II cycling issue

Post by panzermk2 » 22 Jun 2020, 09:01

This is most likely casued by 2 things.

1) Primarily America Eagle ammo which is shit and has issues with bullets falling out and into their cases.

2)Also Lacquer build up in the chamber contributing.
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